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Got a question? Then why not look through our frequently asked questions and hopefully this will help you make the decision to choose Morton Clay Targets as your local shooting club!

Q: Where are you located in Livingston? 

A: Morton Clay Targets is easily located minutes from Livingston town centre. Easily accessed from the M8 follow the A899 exit to Livingston, Join the A71. You will see our sign which will direct you to turn right onto Woodside Road. Follow this farm road until you see our opening on the left just before the farm house.

Q: What age can my child start shooting? 

A: We accept children from 10 years old 

Q: Do you have to have your own gun? 

A: No, here at Morton's membership club we have guns that you can use to get started with. Our experienced instructors will pick the right gun to suit your level of expertise. Most of our members progress and purchase a gun after a period of time.

Q: When is the next competition? 

A: Visit our competition page to see our listings of competitions coming up and also our Blog and gallery to view past events.

Q: Can we rent out the full facilities for a private event/party? 

A: Dependant on the party size, availability and time of year we may be able to accommodate your private function. Please contact Paul to discuss your full requirements. Please note the rifle range is only accessible to rifle range members so not available for private functions.

Q: What is the max calibre I can use on the rifle range?

A: No max calibre. It has a max velocity of 3300 fps and a max 5200 ftlb

Q: Can myself and a friend share a booth on the rifle range?

A: No

Q: Can my friend who doesn't have a licence come with me and shoot my rifle?

A: No

Q: Can I use an air rifle in the rifle range?

A: Yes

Q: Can I use expanding ammunition in the range?

A: Yes you can use expanding ammunition for zeroing purposes only



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* Our Clay Target shooting is open 5 days a week and selected Sundays and the rifle range is open 6 days including a Sunday.




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