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Well done everyone who took part in today 100 Sporting

Good shooting Gary Meikle High Gun on 95/100 👏🏻

AA Class Winners

1st - Colin Will

2nd Equal - Barry Sutherland & Leigh Anderson

A Class

1st - Bob Purvis

2nd - Lindsay Gordon

3rd - Aaron Wallace

B Class

1st - Jim Finnie

2nd Equal - J. Wellington & Andy Macdonald

4th Equal - Mark Love & Richard Kibble

C Class

1st - Bob Archibald

2nd Equal - Gus Buchan & Hugh Allan

4th - D. Hamilton

5th Equal - Colin Noble & K.Bryson

Big thanks to all our Refs, & helpers today, been a busy day 👏🏻👏🏻

and Avril who took care of all behind the counter, you guys are so great and do a lot to make everything keep ticking over 👏🏻💥👏🏻

Thanks everyone was great to see so many of you 💥


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