27th March 2022 - Team Selection Sporting Results

Big thank you to everyone who came along and the Team Sporting Qualifiers, some cracking shooting going on.

Congratulations Lewis Greenhowe taking High Gun on 96/100

Class winners

1st AA - T. Young Joint 2nd - P.Cairney & S.Cumming

1st A - Murray Thomson 2nd - B. Purvis Joint 3rd - B.Cumming, R.Harrison & S.Donachie

1st B - T.Carmichael 2nd - M.Love Joint 3rd - A.Macdonald, N.Cattanach & D.Russell

1st C - J.Mcphillips Joint 2nd - S.Allan, C.Noble 4th - Sophie Banks

Full Results below.

A big big big thanks to all off our refs and helpers today, you have all been great, and much appreciated.

Our next Team Selection Sporting Shoot will Sunday 1st May.